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Smith & apartheid regimes were angels compared to 44-Year-Old 'independent' Zimbabwe

15 Apr 2024 at 10:56hrs | Views
Talking in terms of segregation, oppression and savagery towards those considered as foreigners or political undesirables, no present or past government in Southern Africa matches the black Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe. Not even the Rhodesian colonialists, not even the apartheid regime of South Africa.

Faced with 1981-87 Matabele genocide that killed more Matabele civilians than the Anglo-Matabele War of 1893, Matabele Rebellion War of 1896 and the War of Zimbabwe Independence of 1965 to 1979 all combined, most Matabeles chose to take refuge in the apartheid South Africa. Matabeles found it far much better than the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe which had turned against black innocent Matabele civilians, slaughtering them in the most horrendous manner which made the Smith and apartheid regimes look like angels. These acts of genocide happened in the so called independent Zimbabwe.

Is there anybody who is surprised that Zimbabwe, at 44 years of independence, looks like an AIDs patient who refuses to take life saving ARVs?

Zimbabwe has fallen from the top of the economic graph as a bread basket of Africa to be a failed state without its own currency, ravaged by uncontrolled corruption and deserted by its citizens. The Shona supremacists turned it into a huge killing field for slaughtering and oppressing Matabeles. Elections are recognised only if they are won by ZANU PF. The desperate party which reached its sell by date long back has invited the army into the political arena.

This makes politics in Zimbabwe more dangerous. Soldiers come out of the barracks with their guns, with their guns they solve political problems. Hence we have seen the military coup of 2017. As long as the gun men in Zimbabwe have discovered how easy it is to stage a successful coup and have tasted the sweetness of power, they will always hang around in the political arena. The second coup is loading, maybe the third as well as the fourth. Lightning strikes twice but a military coup can strike many times.

Slowly but surely, Zimbabwe is disintegrating into two states. To this effect Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) has served the government of Zimbabwe with Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland State through its President Cde Paul Siwela.

The genocidist President of Zimbabwe Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa who holds a strong belief that Matabeles are cockroaches that need to be annihilated using pesticide, pretends as if he has not seen the Notice of Demand. But on more than two occasions he has come out guns blazing, threatening to cut- short the lives of Matabeles that are peacefully advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland statehood. To him, innocent Matabeles peacefully demanding the restoration of their state must not be given an ear, they must be killed just like that. That is the kind of life Matabeles are living in the supposedly independent Zimbabwe.

 Is the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and its President aware that it is the Notice Of Demand For The Restoration Of Matabeleland State not a letter to seek their opinion or input? We mean every word in it, we are not apologising and our good cause has no reverse gear. Mr Mnangagwa is kicking the cane down the road and he knows it. Matabeleland independence can be delayed but it cannot be stopped. No one will stop an idea who's time has come.

He is not even ashamed to stand up in the ZANU PF rallies and threaten to kill Matabeles who have not killed even a fly in their Matabeleland independence campaign but maintain a deafening silence on violent para military Shona youths by the Shona name (mashurugwi) who have taken it upon themselves to raid Matabeleland and kill innocent Matabeles any time they wish.

There is no doubt that Amashurugwi are Motivated by the unresolved Matabele genocide of 1981- 87 and the hate speeches against Matabeles by Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe during and after the genocide. The Shona people and their children have taken a leaf from an evil Zimbabwe government document known as The 1979 Grand Plan which says Matabeles must be decimated.

Whenever they feel like, they form groups of 40 to 60 people, arm themselves with machetes and axes, tools that have been declared dangerous weapons of genocide in the Great Lakes. They are then driven in open trucks to Matabeleland where they conduct day light raids, killing innocent Matabeles, hacking some with machetes and axes and severely injuring them. They then proceed to take mining claims, gold, money and in some cases slaughter cattle and goats which they take by force from Matabele poor villagers. Yes this happens in the so called independant Zimbabwe.

The repeated falsehoods that Zimbabwe is happily independent, Matabeles and Shonas are united and Zimbabwe is peaceful and politically stable must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

The fact of the matter is Zimbabwe War of Independence brought freedom only to one side of the country ie Mashonaland. Shonas enjoy the national cake as they are the only beneficiaries occupying all highest positions in the government, public and private sector while Matabeles are tribally segregated and marginalised in politics, economy, education, job market and all spheres of life. Can we say Zimbabweans are united?

Matabeles in the government of Zimbabwe are given goat skinning roles. For instance, Kembo Mohadi cannot tell us that he is the Vice President of Zimbabwe. No! He is a political dummy. His actual position is at the braai stands, to prepare roasted meet for his masters. Matabeles know better that such roles are relegated to boys (abafana) and adults who are not intellectually gifted to contribute meaningfully in crucial meetings and gatherings.

Every time when Shonas talk about Emmerson Mnangagwa's successor they mansion, Contantine Chiwenga, Nelson Chamisa and Saviour Kasukuwere who is not even in Zimbabwe. Kembo Mohadi is in Zimbabwe but no Shona, not even a drunk one will ever recommend him for the position in a so called independent Zimbabwe, simply because he is not Shona but Matabele. We laughed our lungs out last month when Emmerson Mnangagwa totally forgot Kembo Mohadi's name at an event. How possible is that? That happens only in Zimbabwe. The position of the 2nd Vice President is of no value. A Matabele in Zimbabwe is regarded as inferior to Shona. That is why Mr Mnangagwa forgot his name.

He is not the only Matabele to be given the humiliating goat skinning role in the Zimbabwe government. We had Joshua Nkomo who was mockingly referred to as Father Zimbabwe. His actual position was at the braai stands too. With all his war credentials as ZAPU President and Commander in Chief of Zipra Forces and political legacy which was even greater than that of Mugabe, Shonas would name Simon Muzenda and the likes of Solomon Mujuru who were by far his juniors, as Mugabe's successors. We feel sorry for "Father Zimbabwe" who was not allowed to be the President of the same Zimbabwe until he died. We feel more sorry for those who fall for this stupid Father Zimbabwe political hoax. The same goes for John Nkomo.

It was the same embarrassing storey about Phekelezela Mphoko. The man mistakenly thought his 2nd Vice President position was equal to Emmerson Mnangagwa 1st Vice President position by then. He denied that Mnangagwa was his superior and caused a situation in the ZANU PF rallies. But his own faction, the G40 disappointed him. They played a tribal card against him. Thus, Grace Mugabe and Saviour Kasukuwere who were not in the presidium were named as Mugabe's successors.

Follow Uncle Thom and you will end up at the braai stands in Harare like him. Thank God. Matabele masses are not as gullible as "House Negros" who are in the minority.

When MLO says lets break- away from Zimbabwe and restore the statehood of Matabeleland, Matabele masses that are in the majority respond by saying we want it as soon as yesterday, we will do whatever it takes to achieve Matabeleland independence and sovereignty even if it means paying with our own lives.

There is no independence in Zimbabwe when Matabeleland is under tribal oppression and in danger of being wiped out of the face of earth. There is no unity in Zimbabwe when Matabeles are treated like foreigners in the land of their ancestors, Matabele land. There is no peace in Zimbabwe when Matabeles have to be submissive to their oppressors. Stand up and fight tribal oppression, tribal segregation and Matabele genocide.

There is no peace in Zimbabwe but calm before a great political storm, a great revolution that will change the geography and size of Zimbabwe. A great revolution that will forever change the lives of the people of Matabeleland and bring a smile to their faces, bring freedom, self determination, dignity and pride.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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