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President Robert Mugabe a hypocrite par excellence

22 Feb 2016 at 22:32hrs | Views
It took  President Robert  Mugabe only 24 hours to apologise to the war Vets for being tear gassed and sprayed with water by the police for participating in an unsanctioned meeting. Is it surprising that Matabeleland is yet to hear his word of apology three decades after he deployed the Zimbabwe National Army 5th  Brigade code named gukurahundi  into  Matabeleland to commit genocide.

"People were naturally hurt or at least they had this water from cannons come on their bodies and teargas as well," Mugabe said apologetically in a live TV address. Clearly Mugabe views those from Mashonaland as  "people" or humans and  Matebeles as  sub-humans or objects not to be treated with integrity. Were the people of Matabeleland not hurt during gukurahundi? We wish to put it on record that the people of Matebeleland were  and remain hurt even upto this day and will continue to hurt until reparations and apology is made.

More than 40 000 unarmed innocent civilians including children, women and old people were killed in the most brutal way never seen in the world. More than 100 000 women including school going girls, old women and married women  were mercilessly raped and left with unknown pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. More than 100 000 homes were burnt down leaving thousands homeless. Over 1 million people were displaced into neighbouring countries like Botswana and South Africa and have remained there up to date.

Thousands were tortured, maimed and others subjected to permanent disabilities.

3,5million who survived are traumatized and subjected to tribal discrimination everyday.  For how long will this situation continue as is  if we may ask ?  Does  the Zimbabwe government know when this patience would reach its end elasticity ?  As Matebeleland Liberation Organisation  we hold the Zimbabwe government responsible for  whatever would happen should Matebele  patience and tolerance reach its end elasticity ?

The genocide continues in a subtle form. The government which is composed of the genocide perpetrators continues to murder the memories of the genocide as follows:

 a) preventing victims from talking openly about the genocide, holding memorials or reburying their loved ones who were buried in shallow graves, thrown into disused mine shafts and caves.

b) deny that the genocide ever happened eg George Charamba saying gukurahundi is a myth.

c) blame the victims and suggest that there was a war or civil unrest in Matebeleland.

d) Shifting  blame. Vice President Phelekezela  Mphoko blaming the West for the atrocities committed by President Robert Mugabe

The above strategies have a very negative psychological effect on the victims. Genocide scholars and researchers refer to it as the second stage of the genocide.

With this clear genocide, untold suffering and glaring brutality against humanity surely an apology is needed.

But President Mugabe would rather apologise to the supposedly battle hardened war veterans some of whom are reported to have fainted and others ran for dear life after they were tear gassed and sprayed with water canons. Not even a single life was lost but they cried like spoiled brats they are.

The 5th  Brigade which is responsible for heinous and horrendous  crimes against Matebeles was drawn from former ZANLA forces who were  mostly shona men, little wonder  they castigate everyone who criticizes the 5th Brigade horrendous acts during the genocide campaign.

Recently, Mr David Coltart was savaged by the same war vets  accusing him of "recklessness" and "suffering from memory loss," his sin was telling President Mugabe to apologise for Matebeleland genocide and gross abuse of human rights during  the genocide  campaign.

War vets are a lawless violent bunch who run around Matabeleland everytime towards elections beating and threatening people with death, forcing them to vote Zanupf.

The infamous farm grabs were led by them, they took land and private property from white  citizens  by force. President Mugabe chose to apologise to violent criminals and ignore innocent people of Matabeleland  and white citizens who were killed in cold blood. Why? Why / Why ?

As people of Matabeleland we have never gained anything from Zanu- pf instead we have lost everything, our beloved relatives, identity, culture, languages, dignity and pride.

Already three factions have emerged in Zanu pf. The Gamatox led by Joyce Mujuru which has since been elbowed out of Zanupf, Team Lacoste led Vice President  Emmerson  Mnangagwa and G40 led by Mrs  Grace Mugabe, the First Lady. As a norm in Zanu-pf Matebeles are not allowed to lead even a faction. President Mugabe's ever obedient son, Obert Mpofu, has already declared that no one in Matabeleland possesses the qualities to be President of Zimbabwe. His statement clearly confirmed what Professor Jonathan Moyo  stated that Dr Obert Mpofu has a body of an elephant with a brain of a rat. Who cares ? What he does not know is that there are many Matebeles who are more than qualified to lead the country and this was able  demonstrated by Cde Paul Siwela when he became the first Matebele to run for the office of President in Zimbabwe in 2002 Presidential elections.

Do you Remember what the President of MLO, Cde Paul Siwela once said?  "Some even assume the fate of the country is beholden to either Joyce Mujuru or Emmerson Mnangagwa or Morgan Tswangirai. Alas! Politics is politics and does not follow rational deductions therefore surprises are along the curve. The truth is that Zim is headed towards a split in the middle and give birth to The Republic of Matabeleland by 2018"  Who can doubt that ?

Cde Paul Siwela saw it coming and wrote  about it. Like hungry wild dogs that feed on their prey while it is still alive  until it falls to the ground, power hungry Zanu-pf leaders are mercilessly tearing their  organisation into pieces.
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistakes"

Matabeles that think  openly would  know that this is certainly not the time to be engulfed in the Zanu-pf succession wars or anything that has something to do with oppressive Zimbabwe. It is time to pull together very hard for the restoration of  the  independent and sovereign statehood of Matabeleland.

All Matebeles in their diversity are urged to join MLO as we march towards the restoration of The Republic of Matebeleland by 2018.

Yes its impossible until it has been done.

The Republic of Matabeleland by 2018!

Siyaphambili !

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - Israel Dube
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