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05 Jun 2016 at 09:15hrs | Views
I go to a church called ZAOGA and have observed something very fascinating in my church. If you think you are a very mightly used pastor in Zaoga and have seen multitudes following you to your crusades with signs and miracles happening in your life then don't begin to think you are a brand . Do not start seeing yourself having an equally bigger church that can outwit Ezekiel Guti's rock solid church and start your own church. Before you do this ask the prodigal pastors in it like Saidi Saidi, Musandu, the hillarious Kasi , Pastor Gwendoline, Dr Moyana, Pastr Gwarimbo and the list is endless. These guys were crowd pullers in Zaoga and extremely popular but they thought they were more popular than the institutions that made them be and hence they went it solo only to realise that their brand is not so popular but the name behind their brand. They lead these fly by night flockless churches with congregants whose figures are embarrassing to talk about.

If you thought you are a popular MDC cadre who enjoys a lot of support who draws up figures in the MDC then you grow a bigger head and think your popularity is better than of the tea boy Tsvangirai then you must draw lessons from these: Munyaradzi Gwisai- the infamous dread locked(sic) lawyer cum socialism activist got a rude awakening when he went it solo after castigating his entire MDC practices. He got a paltry votes in an election that put him in political dust bin. Ask The learned professor Welshman Ncube who also thought he was bigger and formed a splinter MDC M which used the names to confuse voters who later ditched him and is struggling to be on his feet. Ask Tendai L Biti my homeboy he will tell you that MDC is Tsvangirai and vice versa but the opposite is not true. Despite having got all praises under MDC the former finance supremo read the wrong signals and thought he was the one called MDC only to be clobbered embarrassingly in elections and failed to carry his popularity outside MDC T. For Mangoma its extremely worse. Job Sikala despite earning himself the name Sarowiwa his project does not even exist in history of Zimbabwe .It would only be mentioned by luck by those probably studying political facts intrinsicately.

If you think in Zanu pf you have gannered a lot of support and see yourself as the real Zanu pf and all people support you then please Edgar Tekere could have offered a good advice. The maveric former secretary (may his soul rest in peace) was full of enigma and commanded a large following which made him think he could be a better brand than ZANU pf. The disastrous results were seen throughout. Simba Makoni did the same . Someone had pampered his ego only to realise that its not all rosey outside. The recently purged Mujuru who promised to be a better political option is always licking her wounds of political clobbering and may be contemplating suicide or surrendering due to the fact that her once People First project is getting weak and weaker daily. I urge counsellors to tell her Zanu chiwororo. Zimbabwe is Zanu pf and Zany pf is Zimbabwe. Ask professor Jonathan Moyo about his infamous its cold out there and he will tell you that ZANU pf is Mugabe and that he holds every vein and the iota of the party. If you leave it you are as useless as anyone and being popular in the party is not translated to popularity outside the party.

Learning from these experiences is of paramount importance.

Source - Doc Bothwell Mafema
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