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Open letter to Mnangagwa: Own up or remain dishonest

27 Dec 2017 at 08:54hrs | Views
According to the Standard paper dated 24 December, 2017, the wounds and painful memories of the Gukurahundi atrocities are still fresh in the victims' minds. The victims and their children  cannot forget what happened in the early 1980s even though the perpetrators of that unprecedented and wanton violence insist that bygones  be bygones, which of course is a travesty of justice.

I'm writing to you , Mr President, without the intention of adding salt to the already septic wounds and inciting the public to hatred against you as a person but to challenge the President, who was the Minister of State and Security during the infamous Gukurahundi, to own up for what transpired.

This bold challenge is based on the latest news that you are on course to revive your Methodist roots, which is commendable from a Christian perspective.

Mr President, it is indisputable that you were the Minister of State and Security and consequently, you have full knowledge of what transpired during that sad era. You cannot also deny that somehow you were either directly or indirectly involved in the execution of the Gukurahundi extermination master plan of some ZIPRA forces, their innocent relatives and the Ndebele people in general in Matabeleland and Midlands .

Now,Mr President, you are on record saying that people must forgive each other. I totally agree with you on this point since Christianity demands that we do so. However,the same bible you now purport to believe teaches that forgivesness must be preceded by confession. As far as I know , since the birth of Zimbabwe in 1980 there is no record of you and others in government, who are privy to the Gukurahundi era happenings,  divulging information about it in order to own up and seek reconciliation and healing. What we know is the former President's description of it as ' a moment of madness'. Apart from that, there's total blackout on the part of government. In this climate of secrecy, do not expect to be forgiven.

Mr President, since you are tracing back your Christian roots, it is incumbent upon you to own up for what transpired during that violent era. You cannot ask  people to forgive in a vacuum. What are they forgiving you for, if you still remain tight- lipped about the issue? Forgiveness is based on confession, repentance and  demonstrated willingness to right the wrongs of the past.

You aptly described your ' coup' as 'Operation Restore Legacy' . I'd like to propose that you move on to 'Operation Restore Justice' particularly for Matabeleland and Midlands people as they were butchered mercilessly by the notorious North Korean trained 5th Brigade. I also believe these soldiers suffered psychological trauma as a result.

Finally,Mr President, your 'new' religion demands that your government with your directive embarks on a comprehensive truth and reconciliation and restitution exercise for the victims. It is up to your government to investigate and compute the extent of damage in monetary terms and also psychologically . As the President, you are obliged to do so.

You are also on record saying that the voice of the people is the voice of God. If the victims are crying for justice, then Mr President , it is fair to treat these grieving voices as the voice of God. Ignoring and suppressing them will be viewed as being inconsiderate and unchristian on your part.
In conclusion, l hope your 'new'  found faith is not to be seen as a camouflage for hiding the Gukurahundi crimes and also a political gimmick to buy votes from the Christian community.

Mr President, it's either you own up or remain a dishonest Christian.

Amen Mpofu

Source - Amen Mpofu
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