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Open Letter: Mine loses millions worthy of diamonds as workers engage in illicit diamond panning

26 Feb 2023 at 11:04hrs | Views

Some "lucky" Murowa Diamonds Mine workers have become rich overnight after a well-orchestrated and carefully executed diamond stealing process went on undetected for months leaving some workers millionaires. As a sign of their ill-gotten wealthy some of these employees bought plush houses, latest twin cabs and SUVs while others built safari lodges or bought properties abroad.

Ever since Murowa Diamonds changed ownership from Rio Tinto International to Rio Zim, there has been pillage and proliferation of diamonds at a very large scale. The operations and security systems at Murowa Diamonds does not meet the minimum requirements of the Kimberly Process. Most diamonds now on the black market can be traced to Murowa Diamonds Mine. Surely how can workers turn the mine site into a diamond panning field?

The stealing process which involves senior management operations, mining and security staff has seen the company losing millions of carats meaning the government also lost millions of dollars worthy of revenue as in taxes and royalties. The internal security system is highly compromised and therefore can't deal with this situation. Recently almost all the senior managers were fired but this wasn't good enough to deter the remaining syndicate members from continuing with their illicit deals.

Surely these diamonds being looted by the employees would have been used to compensate families whose homes and houses were either destroyed or damaged by the blasting effects of the mine. The proceeds of these diamonds running in their millions would have been used to develop Murowa Ward. The fact that mine operations are negatively affecting the local communities with no remedial action and that employees are stealing the diamonds at an alarming rate and supplying the black market means that Murowa Diamonds are conflicted and must be banned on the International market until these raised issues have been sorted out.

Murowa Ward must benefit from its natural resources. Zimbabwe must benefit from her diamonds. We say no to stealing and looting of our diamonds. The owners of Murowa Diamonds have failed the people of Murowa Ward and Zimbabwe. May the government please bring sanity in the operations of Murowa Diamonds that will ensure strict compliance to the Kimberly process, development of our ward, fair compansation to the families affected by the mining process, employment to our sons and daughters.


Murowa Community

Source - Concerned Murowa Resident
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