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Dont bank on Government for employment - Chinamasa

by Mary Charamba
12 Apr 2017 at 10:58hrs | Views
The Zanu PF Government cannot create employment for everyone as  the formal sector has collapsed, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has said.

 Last week, President Robert Mugabe said jobless Zimbabweans should not cry for jobs but they should create their own.

"We want people to create jobs for themselves and not to wait to be given work. Create jobs and employ others, we do not want people who just cry for jobs. Let's have less tears and more sweat," said Mugabe.

 On Tuesday, Chinamasa also buttressed Mugabe's condemned statement in parliament.

"The period we are going through in terms of the development of our economy is a transitional period.  Formal businesses collapsed" he told legislators.

"I want to say that in 2000, there were two million people in formal employment.

" Over the years, because of the challenges that we have faced, we now have only half a million.  This means the rest of the people are now in the informal sector"

Chinamasa said the job-seeking mindset has to change.

Government is working on plans to throw thousands of   civil servants in the streets through retrenchments.

" As people mourn, where is employment?  They never asked themselves, what employment am I creating for other people.  All they can think is where is the employment? 

"Who is going to give that employment to you and your community?  Who is going to create it?

" Government cannot create employment.  What Government can do is to create a conducive environment for those who are creative, who are entrepreneurs to create jobs and make money for themselves".

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