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Victim hits armed robber with car, disables him

by Staff reporter
23 Oct 2021 at 05:36hrs | Views
A BEITBRIDGE would-be victim of armed robbery turned the tables on his assailant and hit the AK-47-wielding attacker with a car, disabling him until he was arrested.

The suspected armed robber, identified as Obey Mhuru of 3419 Makondo, Chiredzi, is now admitted under police guard at Beitbridge District Hospital.

Mhuru is nursing back, facial and numerous other body injuries as a result of the accident.

Officer commanding Beitbridge district, Chief Superintendent Nyongo refused to have the suspect photographed, saying this could alarm his fellow gang members.

"Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do so because if he has other gang members, they will flee," Nyongo said.

Last Friday, Nigel Moyo, a resident of the border town, was going home when he saw a stranger carrying an AK-47 gun in his yard after midnight.

Moyo accelerated towards the stranger and hit Mhuru with a car, trapping him underneath the vehicle.

"He was dragged by the car for about 40-50 metres and was dumped outside the gate. My brother then went to get the police and upon their return, they found Mhuru lying outside the gate with his gun next to him," said a police officer who attended the scene. "After rendering him immobile, he drove to the police and Mhuru to hospital."

Mhuru disclosed that he had stolen the gun from a car in Baobab in the town.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe