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Belarus' aeroplane with food for Zimbabweans arrives

by Mandla Ndlovu
18 Apr 2019 at 08:57hrs | Views
An aeroplane from Belarus carrying food aid for Zimbabweans who suffered from Cyclone Ida has landed in the country, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus has announced.

"The Belarusian humanitarian convoy will continue its journey today and fly from Zimbabwe to Mozambique. Dozens of tons of cargo will be delivered to this country. These are shoes, clothes, food, baby food, household chemicals, blankets and much more.

"At the airport, a humanitarian convoy was met by representatives of various ministries. Note that the delivery of cargo is carried out by aircraft Boeing 747. Accompanying the board employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the crew of the television news agency."  The Ministry said in a statement.

The head of the humanitarian mission from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus  is First Deputy Minister Alexander Khudoleev
Cyclone Idai severely destroyed Zimabbwe's infrastructure and took away lots of lives when it hit the country on March 15.

According to official statistics, the death toll in Zimbabwe rose to 185, with hundreds of people declared missing. About 50,000 Zimbabweans are left without food, electricity and water supply.

Belarus says it received an official request to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief for the cyclone victims.

"The Belarusian president approved a corresponding resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus. Belarus' humanitarian aid includes sugar, flour, beef, canned meat for children, soap, blankets, washing powder, clothes and shoes for adults and children, school supplies, mugs and cutlery worth more than Br656,000." The Ministry added.

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Source - Byo24News