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US admits Zimbabwe regime change plot

by Staff reporter
01 Jan 2021 at 07:19hrs | Views
THE United States has unwittingly admitted its hidden hand in regime change efforts in Zimbabwe after its Congress expressed frustrations on continued financial support to political activities, saying the exercise is doomed as President Mnangagwa is poised to win the 2023 general election.

US Senator Rand Paul presented a report in Congress, accusing the US Agency for International Development (USAid) of spending US$10 million taxpayers' money in what he felt was a futile attempt to remove the Zanu-PF Government through proxies.

Commenting on the report by US Congress, Zanu-PF acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa said the admission exposed the US machinations to cause regime change through meddling in internal affairs of another sovereign country.

"The activities of NGOs in our country, in the majority of cases, have not been developmental. The US and other Western countries have been splashing money to elements of the opposition with a view to effect regime change. That has nothing to do with promotion of democracy. In Zimbabwe, if one wants to buy a house or a car without working for it, he or she just needs to join an NGO and give out to that NGO that he was opposed to the ruling party and money will be provided," said Chinamasa.

"What in fact they are now admitting is that, they have been splashing money to the opposition and that money has been going down the drain because essentially the recipients of that money have nothing to do with democracy. There are no alternative policies to put forward to the electorate notwithstanding the huge sums they receive from NGOs, that money has gone to waste because it is not taking into account the realities in the country."

He said it was critical that NGOs and other opposition elements realised that Zimbabwe's independence did not come on a silver platter, but as a result of 16 years of armed struggle. Chinamasa noted that Western countries have over the years, been setting up NGOs to oppose liberation movements in the SADC region.

Political analyst, Mr Obert Gutu said the US has been pouring money on Zimbabwe under the guise of promoting democracy, but really to install a puppet government.

"On paper, the reason being advanced for this colossal funding is because America wants to help in developing Zimbabwe's democratic institutions. In reality, however, the real reason for this funding is to enable America to create, fund and control a pliant and puppet government in Zimbabwe, a government that will play to the whims and fantasies of America's neo-imperialist agenda," said Mr Gutu.

Source - the herald