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Revellers discover used sanitary pad in Chibuku scud

by Midlands Correspondent
26 Jun 2012 at 09:03hrs | Views
THREE Gweru revellers had a nightmarish experience when they discovered a used sanitary pad stashed in an opaque beer container (scud) they were drinking from.

The pad was discovered by one of the imbibers when he almost swallowed it while drinking.

Narrating their ordeal, the three, Mr Joseph Chifuvachengwe, Mr Artwell Hozani and Mr Taona Madoro all from Mkoba Village Six, said they were now considering abandoning drinking the opaque beer, "scud".

They said the incident occurred at the weekend at Batanai Bottle Store.

"We were busy enjoying ourselves on Sunday exchanging our favourite beer at Batanai Bottle Store when I saw a huge whitish cloth hanging on Artwell's mouth as he struggled to spit it off. We discovered that it was a pad, which was heavily stained. Our scud was, by then, half empty.

It was only then that we realised that it was a pad. It got worse when we noticed that the pad was heavily stained to confirm that it was a used one. I could not help vomiting," said Mr Chifuvachengwe.

Mr Chifuvachengwe said after discovering that their beer was contaminated, they then confronted the Batanai Bottle Store bar lady, a Ms Banda who then offered to replace their "scud" with another one.

"At first she could not believe it and when we then emptied what had remained in our container to show her, we then discovered that the used sanitary pad had some blood on it," said Mr Chifuvachengwe.

He said they later turned down Ms Banda's offer of a fresh scud. "We then took the contaminated container to Delta Gweru depot to try and seek some recourse but the staff we met there were so arrogant. They also tried to give us another beer scud but we again declined," he said.

The three said they now feared for their health and were considering taking legal action against Delta.

"We are not even sure what could be the consequences of this experience. Our health is now at stake after taking this contaminated beer. We will definitely contribute funds and take legal action against Delta Beverages," said Mr Hozani.

They said they were keeping the contaminated "scud" as an exhibit.

"The Delta guys wanted to take the scud for samples but we declined because we feel this is our exhibit if anything happens to our health," said Mr Chifuvachengwe.

Efforts to get a comment from Delta Gweru Deport sales manager, a Mrs P Muzvagwa were fruitless as she was said to be out of office.

Another Delta Gweru depot official, Mr Geoffrey Doro, referred this reporter to their customer liaison officer, a Mrs Dhliwayo in Bulawayo.

"I have attended to those guys and we have told them the procedure to follow. They now know our position as Delta and I have since handed them over to our customer liaison officer, Mrs Dhliwayo in Bulawayo. You can get hold of her," said Mr Doro.

Mrs Dhliwayo could, however, not be reached for comment as her mobile phone was not reachable.

Source - TC

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