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Mwenezi doing well in agriculture though there is regular drought

by Stephen Jakes
14 Oct 2018 at 09:21hrs | Views
Zanu PF Mwenezi legislator Priscila Moyo has said her constituency despite the fact that it is prone to drought, agriculture was rife and successful.

"I take note of the bold economic measures which the President is advocating for and I urge the responsible authorities to deploy additional measures including security measures against the street foreign currency traders and those controlling them," she said.  

"Although my constituency is prone to regular bouts of drought, we do well agriculturally whenever the heavens favour us with rains.  Our good soils produce good crops without fertilizers.  In this regard, Madam Speaker, I fully agree with President Mnangagwa's observation on the role agriculture should play in the resuscitation and growth of our economy.  we do have a few water bodies in my constituency such as the Manyuchi Dam that must be utilised to support the national development agenda."

She said there are no adequate irrigation schemes centred on this dam, no organised exploitation of the dam's other resources such as fish and no hydro power production facilities despite that these schemes are all very doable.

"I urge the responsible authorities to exploit the vast economic opportunities offered by the Manyuchi Dam in Mwenezi and I want to support," she said.

Source - Byo24news