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Man (80) lost way to bathroom, still hasn't had a bath 60 years on

by Staff Reporter
15 Jan 2014 at 19:08hrs | Views
A 80-year-old Iranian man who lost his way to the bathroom and never looked back over 60 years has been dubbed the world's most ineligible bachelor.

Hermit Amou Haji puffs away on a pipe packed with dried animal dung and only eats rotten meat.

Hermit took to the wilderness near the village of Dejgah in the country's southern province of Fars after he wooed - and lost - as a young man.

At night he sleeps in a grave-like hole in the ground. But in the winter he moves into a brick shack nearby villagers built for him.

Young men from the village tried to get him to wash once, but he managed to escape - believing being clean would make him sick.

The nearest he gets to clean water is drinking rainfall from a rusty oil can

But when he does spruce up, according to the Tehran Times, he burns his shaggy hair off with a stick from his fire and uses an old car wing-mirror to groom himself.

Source - Mirror