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Introducing the Entertainment of Limpopo Musicians Association (ELMA)

27 Jan 2015 at 07:15hrs | Views
Entertainment of Limpopo Musicians Association (ELMA) is a non-profit organisation which was established in concord to the development of musicians and descovery of the raw talents that are being obscured by social situations faced.

It was founded & formed in 2014 by Eliyah Papole aka Kiasto who is a producer, music promoter, DJ and owner of a record label Choma Productions. Kiasto has been in the industry for a good 14yrs now.

One of ELMA's vision is to transform Limpopo artists music careers from nothing to something by motivating them to become one team (unity) especially artists from the rural areas. And this will encourage them physically and mentally, it will definately help improve their careers because they will be able to join hands & share crucial ideas together.

Having enough resources, the platform is clear, our musicians will be considered as far as their abilities are concern.
Music is not only an entertainment territory, but it is also a demonstration of art, a cultural paradigm retainer and also a business mandate, musicians make a living out of music and that is their job, of which are all those building block of economical stability from a lower region to the higher level.

"...As ELMA we took it upon ourselves to establish a solution for the quagmire faced by undiscovered or/and neglected musicians and to oppose the paranoia that is psychologically trapped in the minds of average people, that Limpopo cannot, and we are saying it can..."

Our arrangements are parallel to our mission with a clear vision, Limpopo based musicians will be provided a space and a platform to showcase themselves and also exposures to the external world, national recognition and beyond, we are working with an ambition to succeed and our success will be their success and vice averse.

ELMA is ready to engage itself with other Non-profit organistations and Indie record labels. Support and mentorship is what ELMA need for its artists, inviting professionals to come on board will make our organisation and its artists gain more knowledge musically and business-wise.


- We aim to improve knowledge amongst the artists who need a breakthrough in this much-challenging music industry.

- We aim to increase the number of successful artists in our province and across the country.


- To develop and promote professionalism amongst the artists especially upcoming artists.

- To empower artists through music conferences/indabas etc and other training activities such as workshops.


- To give every artist the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to the music industry without any limitation.

- To prepare every eligible artist to become responsible to his/her music career and take music as a business/career not a hobby.

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