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Zwambila hits back at Zanu-PF - Video

by Staff Reporter
01 Jan 2014 at 20:02hrs | Views
Former Zimbabwean ambassador to Australia, Jacqueline Zwambila, who has sought political asylum, has hit back at comments by Zimbabwe government that it is safe for her to return home.

Home affairs minister Kembo Mohadi has been quoted in local media saying the ambassador's remarks are surprising because all the leaders of the MDC-T are in Zimbabwe.

"So, why does she feel threatened? What is so special about her? If she is threatened by anyone, she should tell us as we are responsible for security here as central government," he was quoted as saying.

Foreign Affairs Permanent secretary Joey Bimha has also been quoted saying Zwambila should not tarnish the country's image to satisfy her personal interests.

"If she wants to stay there, she must do so without lying or putting the name of the country in disrepute. She is safe here just as any MDC official or Zimbabwean is," Bimha was quoted as saying

In an inter with ABC News, Zwambila said: "my colleagues in Zimbabwe might be there but they are not safe, it's well documented what has happened to the members of the Movement for Democratic Change."

"We are always under attack from the government of the present regime.

"For him to tell me I am safe when they are the perpetrators of the smear campaign which has been perpetrated against me, what did you expect him to say?

"They never responded once to the smear campaigns which were going against me, they were the ones who were actually feeding their own newspapers."

Watch video of interview below:

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