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Kirsty Coventry speaks on resignation

by Mandla Ndlovu
18 Jan 2019 at 10:51hrs | Views
Minister of Youth, Arts and Sports Kirsty Coventry has opened up for the first time about her alleged resignation from Ministry that circulated on social media on Thursday.

Writing on micro-blogging site Twitter Coventry said, "I'd like to make it clear that I have not resigned as Minister. Whatever the problems, sport can and should be part of the solution and I will pour my energies into uplifting our Youth, Sports and Arts, until I can no longer be effective and make the impact we need in our country."

Coventry further condemned acts of violence and called upon Zimbabweans to observe peace and unite in building the nation.

"What has happened in Zimbabwe has saddened me immensely. I am sorry to everyone that has been affected by the recent events." She said. "Violence is never the answer and needs to be investigated and actions taken. We need peace so no one else suffers and we can rebuild our nation together."

Responding to Coventry one Twitter user Sibindi said, "Thank heavens you're sharing your message via the internet. How many young Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe are able to do that right now? Will your government consider itself successful when it has denied basic human rights to Zimbabweans especially the youth?

"Will it give you pride as the responsible minister that the Zimbabwean youth are an uninformed and isolated lot due to some deliberate government directive probably arrived at during your participation in cabinet sessions?"

On Thursday Deputy Minister of Media, information and Broadcasting Service Energy Mutodi announced that Coventry was still part of government and has not resigned.

Source - Byo24News