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Mutodi, Kaukonde feud escalates

by Staff reporter
10 Dec 2013 at 04:02hrs | Views
Filming Mutodi - wikimedia
Businessman Energy Mutodi has made sensational claims that Zanu-PF Mashonaland East Chairpersons Ray Kaukonde has mastermind a plot to get him arrested in a plot to get him arrested in a post poll revenge plot.

This emerged as Mutodi was summoned to Harare Central Police Station to answer charges of bringing Kaukonde's functionary Reason Sibanda to record a conversation with Nomore Mhandu a man alleged to have raped Mutodi's close relative a six year old girl studying at Heritage School.

Mhandu was acquitted by the courts of the 2008 rape charge and Mutodi alleges Kaukonde masterminded the quashing of the rape charge.

Energy Mutodi wrote the following on his facebook profile,
With all the respect that I gave you during and after the elections as my Provincial Chairman, I did not know that you could stoop low to the extend of sponsoring a rapist who raped my brother's 6 year old daughter. I know that your aim was to punish me for daring to contest Beatrice Nyamupinga in the primary elections but the extend that you went in trying to fight and punish me tells me that you are very cruel, hard hearted and evil. For the benefit of those who do not know where and when this all started, it is important that my family reported a case of rape earlier this year in which my own brother's daughter had been sexually abused by our employee named Nomore Mhando in 2010.

The baby girl who was only 6 years old when she was raped narrated how the gardener and later Clerk at my housing firm raped the minor child while she was waiting to be picked by her driver at our Eastgate offices. The rapist took the girl into his office, raped her and threatened to kill her if she revealed it to anyone. The rape was only unearthed by school teachers at her school who noticed her visit the toilet several times during a school trip.

Consequently, a school Medical officer Dr Mayida/ Mahidha was tasked to investigate the problem and that is when the rape was discovered. Unfortunately, this girl is an orphan who lost her mother in 2008. Police arrested the rapist and took statements from the girl and my wife's mother who had interviewed the girl telling them about her ordeal. The matter was tried and it surprised us all that with all the clear evidence about the rape, Nomore Mhando Chigeda was acquitted.

The magistrate said that there was no evidence Nomore had raped her and suggested the girl could have been raped by a close relative who was being protected. It was only on Friday last week that all hell broke loose. One of our staffers at work Reason Sibanda came into my office while I was sitting with my two subordinates and said,

"Do you know that Nomore Mhando confessed how he raped your brother's daughter and even how he avoided conviction". In great shock and anger I said, "What?". He then told us that the former governor for Mash East Ray Kaukonde helped him escape jail and conviction by hiring a Lawyer for him as well as paying bribe to the tune of $3000 to the Magistrate. He tried to call Nomore but the phone was answered by someone else who advised Sibanda to call after some minutes. He said Nomore, who is now a Truck Driver was busy at that time. I asked Sibanda why Ray Kaukonde had done such an evil thing and he said, " You know the reason. You wanted to unseat his girlfriend Beatrice".

I was curios to know more about all this hell and Sibanda promised me in the presence of my two Siniour managers that he would bring more information. I know Sibanda as a former CIO operative at least according to what he said when I first met him. He said he retired from the army and then joined CIO before he left for greener pastures. He is employed as a Security adviser at NHDT but one thing that came out clearly during our conversation on Friday is that he is spying on the company and is on Ray Kaukonde's payroll.

Reports from staff members and investigations we later did showed that he is driving a car which Kaukonde bought for him as a thank you for spying on me and my company. His biggest weakness is that he drops some information to attract attention and relevance especially when he is short of some dollars to spend. But when you follow up on what he says you will find it 100% true. At one time recently, he told me that my life was now in great danger as an assignment to kill me was in progress. He said the task was called, "Operation Clear Path 2018" He reminded me of a day during the elections when he unplanted a bomb that had been put in my bedroom by agents of my enemies named Chikoore and Kamfudza. He said they had been sent by Ray.

Ray Kaukonde being a former CIO boss himself, I have no doubt he has gone this far in order to eliminate me in any future elections. He had something to say in the previous elections but may have nothing to say in future. I know Kaukonde is a powerful man, well linked and connected. I can't raise a finger against him. He can crash me with the brink of an eye.

But my heart weeps when I think of the rape case that he has protected of a 6 year old orphan. Recently, when I met Ray at Borrowdale I congratulated him for winning the Chairmanship once again. I had actually mobilized and voted for him thinking that he now understands me better but not knowing he had done such evil to my family and was ready to do more. Nomore is boasting, he is freed because Kaukonde wanted to show me that he is a powerful figure. Mwari Ngaave Newe Kaukonde.

Tose tiri kuenda pamberi peMusiki nezuva rekupedzisira. Chokwadi chichabuda pachena.

Source - dailynews