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From Tsvangirai's deathbed, hope lives on

15 Feb 2018 at 05:45hrs | Views
Pastor Evan Mawarire described Tsvangirai Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as the man who let those that thirst for freedom in Zimbabwe 'find the courage to say enough is enough'. Two weeks ago in Munich Germany, Dumiso Dabengwa identified Zimbabwe as practically a 'one party state' until Tsvangirai led the formation of MDC in 1999.

He did not only articulated the post-colonial repression of the Zanu Pf government but he risked his life on the front line of the struggle against the regime's iron fist. The ordinary people in Zimbabwe felt liberated simply by connecting with the genuine heart that he poured out to our suffering. It was like he touched souls. He spoke like we did, he walked among us, he gave a voice to our bleeding wounds.

After Tsvangirai protested Mugabe's bad faith in the GNU negotiations in November 2008, Tabo Mbeki mocked him saying 'Such manner of proceeding might earn you prominent media headlines. However, I assure you that it will do nothing to solve the problems of Zimbabwe...' The British embassy staffer Philip Barclay revealed in his book that the general sentiment in their circles was that Tsvangirai and the MDC were an 'ignorant, disorganised rabble' in the GNU and were not expected to change anything.

As the verdict today now show; the best days that Zimbabwe has ever had in the last 20 years were the days that Tsvangirai was in government. Evangelising Zanu Pf he failed and would have been expected to fail dismally but he succeeded in keeping them on a leash. He led the government with a firm vision of stability and focus on reform and restoration of rule of law. The audience of Mbeki's ignorant diplomacy and all the resentment that comes with it did not divert Tsvangirai's original goal of taking Zimbabwe to our rightful place of respect and dignity.

It is this dream that will leave on forever long after his death. The whole country has inherited a legacy of distinction in character. His fingerprints of hope live on in our hearts that he has touched. Long live the spirit of a fighting heart, long live.

Fungayi Mukosera contributes here on his personal capacity and can be contacted on

Source - Fungayi Mukosera
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