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Let's make Zimbabwe great again

22 Sep 2018 at 10:47hrs | Views
The baritone sound of protest from the opposition legislators is ill-advised and not in the best interest of anyone, let alone our country. Orchestra or solo, what are they trying to achieve and to whose benefit?

They participated in the democratic process of elections and the people spoke loudly and clear. We even heard from the opposition leadership that they had, in their back pocket, foolproof mechanisms to stop rigging.

Specialists are also said to have been roped in by Nero to make sure not even a single opposition vote was not accounted for, who then stole what and how? We all agreed or all political parties agreed and promised to accept the outcome of the all-important plebiscite, why now the echoes of disapproval?

Was it a case of me only or if-I-cannot-get-it then no one should? We are all one people making our country Zimbabwe. Disagreements are part of democracy but outright no-no smacks of a hidden agenda.

His Excellency the President has extended an olive branch to the opposition but with no takers, are we being constructive or divisive? Where are our priorities as Zimbabweans?

Our youths need jobs, our shops are being emptied by unscrupulous business operators with a hidden agenda and the roads are in a deplorable state. Instead of directing efforts at putting our economy back on track, some of us are busy trying to upend the applecart, why-why?

Tondorindo Murisa. Chinehasha

Source - Tondorindo Murisa
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