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'There is a lot of hope than reality…': Richard Quest

04 Jul 2021 at 12:21hrs | Views
ZANU PF's recklessness and corruption has dragged the Zimbabwean economy into the worst liquidity crunch. An economic catastrophe which can only be experienced in a war-torn country.

"There is disappointment at the extend of the transparency measures being taken by the government," said Richard Quest.

World Bank says there are more than 7.9 million Zimbabweans leaving in poverty, but the ZANU PF finance minister, Mthuli Ncube lied on live television that the government was balancing off its budget and the economy was on its way to recovery.

The ZANU PF minister went on to state that the government was offering citizens free healthcare and free education in the rural areas, which is not true as the government has been struggling to pay a decent wage to the hardworking civil servants.

Doctor Pedzisayi Ruhanya said, " The Minister of Finance's successes are merely in his head and nowhere else!"

This was in response to what the ZANU PF Minister of Finance; Mthuli Ncube alluded to during his CNN interview; when he said the Zimbabwean economy was doing well.

In March 2021 Ncube made the same remarks when he was in South Africa

"The positive outlook on economic performance for 2021, on the back of successful economic reforms and good rainfall season, among other factors, speaks strongly to recovery," he said.

This reality of things in the country is that the state of affairs are in dismay; residences in the urban areas have not had running water in their homes for ages; roads are filled with potholes and people are dying in ill-equipped hospitals.

The unemployment levels in Zimbabwe continue to rise and human right violations by ZANU PF thugs are the norm of the day.

Opposition party members and activities are put in jail for expressing discontent or having an alternative voice.

The state run media; ZBC is used as a propaganda machine to spearhead ZANU PF agendas.

The police and the arm are used as tools to silence the masses.

ZANU PF continues to show its disregard for its citizens and proceeds with the demolitions of houses even when the nation is heavily hit by a pandemic.

Alex Magaisa said; "I'm critical of ZANU PF's style of government and ZANU PF is not Zimbabwe. Criticism of the ruling party, which they do here too but with no fear of getting arrested, is part of the democratic process. You want me to cheer on a regime that destroys people's homes during a pandemic?"

Richard Quest the CNN anchor pressed the Zimbabwean finance minister for giving a shocking report on the Zimbabwean economy.

The World bank reports that 49% of the Zimbabwean population is living in poverty; and the ZANU PF ministergives a falsified report that the economy is on the path to recovery.

Richard questioned the minister on the extend of the transparency measures and how the government has always given empty promises to the citizens and the external investors.

ZANU PF has always gone back and forth on its promises andnow international investors are skeptical to do business in the country. Corruption and ill-planned policies, have been stumbling blocks hindering the Zimbabwean economy from going forward.

"There is a lot of hope than reality has proven in changing of openness and transparency from this government," saidQuest.

The economic situation in the country continues to take a nosedive and covid 19 has worsened the situation; but the finance minister outright denies this on live international news. This shows how low ZANU PF will go to lie and try save face for its failings as a political party.

The limited fiscal and monetary policy in Zimbabwe is no secret and is not a new thing; but the minister lied that the government was able to balance the budget and the country was on its way to economic recovery.

Source - Prince Njagu
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