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Mourners thoroughly beat up corpse before burial

by Staff reporter
17 Sep 2012 at 07:22hrs | Views
Drama unraveled at a funeral mass of a man in his 30s at Gem constituency in Kisumu when a group of men stormed the ceremony and demanded to beat the dead body before it was buried.

Mourners from all walks of life had gathered at the man's place to bid him farewell. A pastor who was meant to preside the ceremony arrived and all sat down waiting for the service.

Prayers and dirges filled the area as many paid their last respect to the dead. A gang of at least 10 men stormed the ceremony and told the pastor to allow them cleanse the dead man because he had committed some serious offenses when he was alive.

Surprised by the strange twist of events, the pastor stepped aside as the leader of the gang started a conversation with the dead in a strange language. He then ordered 5 men to line up with whips and beat the man in his coffin.

"Omeera ...Yooung man, you were a very bad man when alive but we have pitied you and want you buried clean."

Mourners ran in fear of a similar incident happening to them leaving the strange gang alone with the dead body.

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