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No woman no cry

12 May 2019 at 23:07hrs | Views
Relatively everyone on this planet can relent with their mothers as the ones that played a significant role in much of their lives.

As the world commemorates mother's day one should not only show their appreciation for their mother today but every single day.

Mothers contribute immensely to their baby or babies especially before they are able to talk because this is the time a human needs the most attention and any slight mistake can turn out to be devastating.

Some mothers had to give up a lot of things like their aspirations, careers, marriages amongst other things for their child or children to have a better future.

Even up to now mothers are the ones that can be vividly seen selling wares on the streets from dusk till dawn so that their child or children can live up to their full potential.

As research evidently shows most men are usually missing in action when it comes to the welfare of the child and it's usually the mother who has to juggle between being a mother and being a father.

As we commemorate this magnificent day let's show our gratitude and affection for the one who carried us for nine months in the womb and relatively made us into who we are today.

Salute to all the mothers out there, and may every day be a happy mother's day!

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Source - Daniel Itai
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