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Mutambara is still the Deputy Prime Minister, Mugabe Said: AU

by Byo24NEWS
30 Jan 2011 at 05:24hrs | Views
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Mugabe has said Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara will only cease to hold that post if he resigns, but if not, the inclusive Government would go ahead as normal.
Speaking at a luncheon hosted for him by Ambassador to Ethiopia Andrew Mtetwa and his wife, which was attended by about 100 people, among them embassy staff and Zimbabweans resident in Ethiopia, Mugabe said while the MDC had managed politically to remove the DPM from his party post, recalling him from the deputy premiership was fraught with legal complications.

"It creates legal matters, it complicates issues.They were able to remove him politically, but legally he was sworn in as a Member of Parliament. I swore him in as Deputy Prime Minister. It's up to him if he wants to resign, but if he refuses, well, we are stuck, but the Global Agreement will go ahead," said President Mugabe.

The President said the three principals had been working together well since the signing of the GPA. DPM Mutambara, he said, had briefed him and Prime Minister Tsvangirai on separate occasions regarding developments in the MDC ahead of the party's recent congress, and had indicated that he would not be contesting for the party presidency that was won by Professor Welshman Ncube.

"Ah, poor Mutambara, the people who invited you say you have overstayed," the President said to laughter from the gathering. The President said the inclusive Government was working well even though there were disagreements over minor issues like the appointment of Attorney-General Johannes Tomana and RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono, whom the MDC-T wanted fired from their positions.

"The inclusive Government has run beautifully, to tell you the truth. Yes, there are one or two things we have not agreed on. My side has not agreed on the MDC proposal to remove AG Tomana, Governor and so on. Those are little things that have not gone well."

He said despite these hiccups, he expected the Government to continue working well to pave way for harmonised elections expected later this year. He briefed the gathering on the progress made in the constitution-making process, saying if all goes well, the elections would be held under the new constitution, failing which they would be held under the current Lancaster House Constitution.

Mugabe told the gathering that the inclusive Government had fostered an environment of peace and stability, which he wanted to prevail. "The GPA was established so we can have a roadmap, so that we have peace in the country, and there is peace and stability in the country."

Source - Byo24NEWS