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Mawarire is a charlatan, harlot - Zanu PF apologist claim

by Staff Reporter
12 Aug 2016 at 07:49hrs | Views
A renowned Zanu-PF apologist Professor Sheunesu Mupepereki has branded Pastor Evan Mawarire as a "harlot" and a "fraudster".

According to the Herald, the #ThisFlag frontman is abusing the national flag and soiling the country's image.

Said Mupepereki "Mawarire is a sponsored hollow instrument into which some propaganda against Zimbabwe are being churned out.

"He has nothing meaningful to contribute to the well-being of Zimbabweans and I liken him to a harlot. He is just looking for money and has no ideological standing.

"He is a religious charlatan masquerading as a man of God yet he is a devil's advocate. All that he is saying is about destroying Zimbabwe. The moment you start to denounce the President you are also attacking the people of Zimbabwe who elected him."

The Herald claims that after making "his political stunts" Mawarire sneaked out of the country and found himself enjoying a lavish life in Sandton South Africa.

He is currently in the USA.

Source - Herald