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'Scotland First Minister want to print money faster than Zimbabwe'

by Andrew Whitaker
24 May 2013 at 04:00hrs | Views
Scotland Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says that the First Minister Alex Salmond wanted to "print money faster than Zimbabwe as she suggested that Scotland independence would lead to financial crisis on the same scale as that pripping the African nation.

Ms Davidson said Salmond's economic plans for independence would turn Scotland into a "Latin American style basket case".

Ms Davidson made the claim after Mr Salmond this week launched a flagship SNP Government paper setting out the economic case for independence.

The Conservative leader said that Mr Salmond "wanted to spend money like water" as she attacked the SNP's plans for independence.

She went onto say that the First Minister wanted to "print money faster than Zimbabwe" as she suggested that independence would lead to a financial crisis on the same scale as that gripping the African nation.

Mr Salmond highlighted the remarks of former Chancellor Denis Healey, who said that Scotland would prosper under independence thanks to North Sea oil.

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Source - scotsman