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Truckers block Beitbridge border post

by Staff reporter
15 Oct 2017 at 12:28hrs | Views
Haulage truckers last night blocked the Beitbridge border post protesting against the slow processing that has resulted in trucks taking up to 10 days at the border.

At the forefront were trucks in transit, now required to buy tracker seals introduced to curb transit smuggling.

"Trucks are not moving. We are here for more than a week and it's strenuous. They have to put their house in order," said a truck driver who requested anonymity.

The Zimbabwe revenue Authority has become stricter in the wake of rampant smuggling of goods that were being declared as being in transit but ended up in the country.

No trucks were going out after frustrated drivers blocked the passage to the scanners, effectively blocking all north-bound traffic coming into Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is losing millions of dollars to what truckers and shipping companies say are unresearched regulations imposed by government.

Customs officers at the office where seals are bought had not handled any truck for five hours even as more trucks were coming to the border from South Africa.

Source - the standard