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'We are still failing to figure out how Zanu-PF won,' says Biti

by Staff reporter
15 Jun 2014 at 07:59hrs | Views
Former Minister of Public Service and MDC-T Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana, Ms Lucia Matibenga has joined the renewal team.

Mr Biti also told his supporters that MDC- T was left disoriented after being outsmarted by Zanu-PF in last year's harmonised elections in which the revolutionary party won resoundingly.

He said the party lost focus while prioritising trivial issues while Zanu-PF was busy strategising.

He said MDC-T had a lot to learn from Zanu-PF.

"(Mr) Tsvangirai forgot what he was assigned to do in the inclusive Government. We wanted reforms but instead he started drinking tea with President Mugabe and chasing after women. We lost track and focus tikarohwa nezveusiku (we were outsmarted) in last year's harmonised elections. We are still failing to figure out how Zanu-PF did it because we thought they would use violence and we were prepared for that but the elections were conducted peacefully and we were left with egg on the face. We are still failing to figure out how Zanu-PF won. We have set up a team to start strategising for the next elections," he said.

Mr Biti said Mr Tsvangirai was now totally finished and clueless. He said Mr Tsvangirai had tarnished his own image by chasing after women.

Mr Biti reiterated that the MDC-T's latest split was a replica of the 2005 one which gave birth to a faction led by Professor Welshman Ncube.

"We have heard that MDC-T want to force Government to hold elections in April next year. That is a dream. If I were Zanu-PF I would grant them their wish and finish them for good. (Mr) Tsvangirai is now finished. He has a self-destructing machine.

Initially he caused the split in 2005 when Mr Gibson Sibanda left the party and Professor Welshman Ncube formed his own party. Now that the party has split again, it clearly shows that he is the problem in the party.

(Mr) Tsvangirai is 65 years and most people of his age are freedom fighters. My question is if he was a true leader and fighting for the cause of the people why didn't he join the liberation struggle to show his true love for the country," he said.

Source - Sunday News
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