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Mangoma guns for Tsvangirai's post

by Staff reporter
28 Jan 2014 at 11:47hrs | Views
Elton Mangoma, the MDC-T deputy treasurer-general, says he is ready to become the next MDC-T president if elected.

Mangoma, who is experiencing a backlash from party members after he wrote a damning letter calling for Morgan Tsvangirai to step down as the MDC-T leader, told a local daily that his ambition was not what motivated him to write the controversial letter.

"I know the way to the presidency is not by writing letters, it's by being chosen by the people," he told the Daily News.

"So if the people want to choose me, I'm not going to say no, but that is not the motive for the letter.

"The motive of the letter is that it is my duty to give advice to the president, advice that I think will serve the party, advice that will save him and his legacy."

He added: "If I wanted I would simply go to the structures and say they should choose me as president because the people who choose the president are the structures."

The former Energy minister was however, quick to point out that he had not gone out to canvass for a social base, a basic ingredient needed for one to ascend to the presidency.

Mangoma also quelled rumours that he was working in conjunction with self-exiled treasurer-general, Roy Bennett and Western donors to unseat Tsvangirai.

"If anybody knows me, they know that I am my own man, I don't need to be used by anyone. I have never been used by anybody, my own history shows that I have my own individual achievements, so why would I now want to be used as a puppet of anyone," he said.

Asked where he secured the $3 million which was reportedly offered to Tsvangirai for him to step down, he said there was no offer made to the MDC leader.

He said the figure was merely planted and was meant to dilute the contents of his letter which clearly calls for Tsvangirai to step down and allow for democratic processes within the party.

In his letter, Mangoma says Tsvangirai should step down because he failed to cause reform when he had executive powers during the inclusive government, that he  has been at the helm of the party for 14 years, his peccadilloes in his private life and alleged abuse of donor funds.

Tsvangirai however enjoys popular support at grassroots level and all other MDC organs.

Yesterday, the party's Women's Assembly reiterated their support for Tsvangirai.

"As the assembly, we are fully behind Tsvangirai", Theresa Makone told reporters at Harvest House, the party's headquarters. "We believe there is no better leader than Tsvangirai.

There is a deliberate attempt to shift the focus on the economic crisis to the MDC and this will not work.

"The issue about leadership renewal is a non-starter. We will not sit back and watch our party split for the second time for no good reason."

Makone said there was no need to go for an extraordinary congress, as there was no leadership crisis.

"As the assembly, we believe those elected in 2011 should carry on with their mandate to 2016. Nothing of importance has occurred that calls for an emergency congress. The party must be rejuvenated but this should be done in an orderly manner," Makone said.

She further said senior party members discussing leadership renewal in the media should be punished, a precursor to disciplinary action against Mangoma.

"MDC is a democratic party and we agreed to discuss leadership renewal agenda within the structures," she said.

"As the assembly, we are therefore worried how the letter purportedly authored by Mangoma found its way to the newspapers.

"The chairman should investigate this and those who are guilty should face disciplinary measures."

The Women Assembly said Tsvangirai cannot take the blame alone for the electoral loss.

"Why should Tsvangirai take the blame for going to elections without reforms? Everyone should shoulder the blame.

"The National Council, National Executive Council and the Standing Committee should also be blamed because it was not a one man show," Makone said.

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