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10 Things guys want from women!

by Adam Christopher
13 Feb 2012 at 21:00hrs | Views
You may think that a man's mind isn't that complex in comparison with your own, but sometimes we experience those strange things you women call "emotions," too. (Yep, it's true.) So here, very plain and simple (kinda like our minds) are 10 little things we want from you, but are often too darn stubborn to ask for.

1. Sex

Admit it -- you saw this one coming. Yes, we want sex. Often. In fact, just about any time and any place. But there's more to it than just sex. We also like other signs of your affection, so hold hands with us or give us a spontaneous hug.

2. Honest reactions
Don't fake it with us. We can tell when you do.

3. Compliments
Men want to be complimented just as much as women do. When we look good, tell us.

4. Laughter
Make us laugh! A sense of humor is a wonderful thing, and a woman with a good one is extremely appealing.

5. Acceptance
We want you to accept us as we are, not think of us as someone you can renovate. Yes, we have faults -- but look past them. We want you to accept us for the men we already are and are working to become.

6. Honesty
There's no real basis for a relationship without honesty, and it starts when we first meet. If you're truly interested, don't start out playing hard-to-get.

7. Space
Don't crowd us. Men like time and space with their friends, and even time alone. Women who require men to spend every minute with them need to get a life of their own.

8. Communication
Go ahead and express yourself. Your man may not always agree with you, but it probably makes him proud that you can stand up for yourself. Strong women are sexy!

9. Belief
If you love your man, believe in his dreams as much as he believes in yours.

10. Trust
If you can't trust each other, the relationship is doomed. Take his word for it and don't constantly check up on him or try to trick him. Trust is respect, and both parties in a relationship deserve to be respected.

Source - SheKnows