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Help me Dr Lwazi - Could my sister be in love with my boyfriend

by Dr Lwazi
12 Mar 2012 at 21:17hrs | Views
Dr Lwazi

I am seeing a married man and I love him so much but it happens that my older sister is friends with his wife.

My sister has told his wife about our relationship.

I am not sure if my sister also want my boyfriend or not but how can we compite for another man's wife.

Please ngisizebo (help) I don't want to lose him.

- Monica

Dear Monica

I do not think your sister could be after her friend's husband.

My advice to you is to leave him and find your man.

I now it's hard to conceive, because it seems that you really do love this man.

Remember to love yourself first, and acknowledge that you deserve to have a man of your own.

Dr Lwazi

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