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As Zanu-PF burns - Mphoko, Mnangagwa appear unbothered?

by Moyo Roy
19 Feb 2016 at 11:27hrs | Views
Judging from the mood in this photograph shared on Twitter by Jonathan Moyo, what's your opinion on the expressions on these Zanu-PF officials as the party crumbles?
  • Admin

    19 Feb 2016 at 20:48hrs

    Thank you all for taking part in this discussion. This Live Update has been closed but you can still comment at the bottom.

  • Lacoste

    19 Feb 2016 at 14:45hrs

    dangling wth the croco its self

  • Anonymous user

    19 Feb 2016 at 13:57hrs

    Opposition musn't be fooled by Zany.

  • Guku Chiwenga

    19 Feb 2016 at 13:54hrs

    Nkomo, Lookout, Solomon, Joyce, now Emerson

  • Thunalengane

    19 Feb 2016 at 12:51hrs

    Idont care what war vets&their dirty zanu pf do to each other,actual I wish they can kill all these War vets because they think they are special,I wish this sour relationship of can escalate,these are same people caused so much suffering in Zimbabwe,funny enough the so called war vets are very old&useless but they always threaten people with violence,what police did to them was just a drop in ocean comparing damage caused by these old morons to our Country

  • Nqobile Sibanda

    19 Feb 2016 at 12:03hrs

    If people allow lawlessness to take control of the country that is exactly what happens, but I'm surprise that its as if people associated with Zanu are special, remember these War Vets were in the forefront when white Farmers were chased away from their Farms, not even allowed to harvest what they had planted. These War Vets should be busy in the land that they graped, instead of making noise. I don't care whatever happened to them, they and their Party should sort their problem out, violence is the language they understand better.

  • Nyakasikana Chitse

    19 Feb 2016 at 11:43hrs

    Really, For me the question is who is fooling who? We have seen it all before. In the last few weeks they were all issuing statements denying existence of factions in ZANU PF. Dr Amai and Gwena even few in the same helicopter to Masvingo rally in show of "solidarity". By the way can you see Mandichivei Chimene isolated and looking gloomy in the background.

  • Sandie

    19 Feb 2016 at 11:40hrs

    If you check this pic nicely it shows something is not right with these 3 man,lets wait and see until end of April what's gonna happen,i can smell something fishy believe me,watch the space.

  • Moyo Roy

    19 Feb 2016 at 11:27hrs

    Lets Discuss!