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Zanu PF creating unfair electoral advantage - analyst

by Stephen Jakes
14 Oct 2016 at 07:20hrs | Views
A political analyst Vince Musewe has cried foul that the ruling Zanu PF is creating unfair electoral advantage by its programme of allocating stands to only those who are its supporters so as to lure people to join it.

Musewe said there are several issues which are not understood in the country among them the National Transitional Authority which some individuals have proposed and the manner in which the ruling Zanu PF prepares its self for the 2018 elections through dishing out stands.

"The NTA is a misunderstood opportunity! The patronage we see at every turn is an election tool. This applies too, for example, to the illegal allocation of stands to Zanu (PF) 'youthies' only who have now declared no stands no vote,"The partisan allocation of space at flea markets, the award of tenders to cronies and abuse of public funds to fund Zanu (PF) rallies and marches, the abuse of the police and army during elections and threats to repossess farms allocated to rivals."

MUsewe said economic dis-empowerment and intimidation of those who differ remains a real threat to free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

He said the role of chiefs in rural areas also comes into question.

"All the above issues need to be fully addressed before we can even think about free and fair elections. In my view, the NTA is therefore a more holistic approach to address those practices which have created unfair advantage to Zanu (PF) in past elections," he said.

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