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Mugabe has never won party election but survives through endorsements - Siwela

by Stephen Jakes
12 Oct 2016 at 09:14hrs | Views
Matabeleland Liberation Organisation leader Paul Siwela has said there is no where in the history of President Robert Mugabe having been voted to lead the ruling Zanu PF but all has been endorsements since 1977.

Siwela said it will never happen never mind how people wish it that Mugabe or his nominee if he is still alive would lose elections since he indirectly controls the outcome through the members of ZEC.

"Robert Mugabe has never contested a political office in his party or country and won. In his party Zanu PF since 1977, he has been ENDORSED and not elected and in 1980 he was endorsed by the British and since then he has manipulated the outcomes using various methods ranging from tribalism, patronage, violence, fear and genocide," he said.

"Given his track record of gross abuse of human rights it would be fool hard for anyone to believe one day those criminals in Zanu PF would handover power to anybody because they have lost an election when they control Zec and subsequently face prosecution for a myriad of political and criminal offences committed in office since 1980."

Siwela said people must think outside the box and whether they agree with him or not he wish to say that power the departure of Robert Mugabe would be characterized by violence that would grip the whole country and inevitably lead to the birth of The Republic of Matebeleland.

Source - Byo24News