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How to punish Zuma for propping Mugabe vote rigging

19 Aug 2013 at 08:23hrs | Views
South Africa prefers a declining Zimbabwe so that the International Community can see success in Zuma's poor Government. The term "better" is a comparative term which ceases to exist if compared items become equal.

Jacob Magedleihlekisa Zuma is an incompetent leader who presides over a rich country which has a potential to do better. His second name Magedleihlekisa means one who undermines while keeping one smiling. Zuma has kept poor Black South Africans smiling while their country is declining slowly because of his handicap. Zuma has kept Democracy loving Zimbabwaens smiling while plotting and financially pumping Mugabe up to rig elections.

If Zimbabwe is kept poor and Zimbabweans flocking to South Africa as dehydrated refugees, Zuma always says to poor Black South Africans that they are much better than exhibited Zimbabweans.

Magedleihlekisa Zuma knows that Mugabe is a failed crook who knows no fairness nor justice or leadership but he uses Mugabe's failures to conceal his own. Magedleihlekisa Zuma knows very well that Zimbabwe would easily surpass South Africa economically in a few years if a credible leader took over from destructive Mugabe.

Magedleihlekisa Zuma does not want a scene like once in History when Zimbabwean dollar was much stronger than a South African Rand and the first Television Station was built in Rhodesia long before a South African man ever new what a Television is all about.

Tourists who traditionally brouht business to Zimbabwe are diverted to boost South African economy because there is demented Mugabe running Zimbabwe and  Magedleihlekisa Zuma's own track record gets a good reputation in that.

Magedleihlekisa Zuma also keeps Mugabe smiling but in actual reality he doesn't like him. He knows how to make money out of a uselessly smiling Humpy Dumpty stooge like Mugabe and puts a few coins to paint the stooge so that it maintains what fattens South Africa.

No one ever predicted that Magedleihlekisa would turn against democracy loving Zimbabweans at the last minute and endorse a clear broad daylight election theft.

The only danger for all Africans in SADC now is that as Zimbabwe keeps declining, SADC region will also suffer. We will not stop to flood South African boarders in hunt for food at any cost even death.

 In the long run Zimbabweans will influence politics in South Africa in retaliation to the bad influence Magedleihlekisa Zuma is propping a thief in our country to keep ruining us. Take us for granted at your own peril but I can promise that Zimbabweans have a potential change the course of Zuma's grip on power in South Africa.

We are now of opinion that ALL FORMER LIBERATION MOVEMENTS IN SADC are enemy of freedom in Zimbabwe since they have publicly supported an armed thief in our country to reduce us into international laughing stock. If we cause enough chaos in South Africa the next South African leader after cunning Magedleihlekisa Zuma will remember that there is no true freedom in South Africa unless Zimbabweans are afforded their deserved clean Democratic Airspace. History knows that Zimbabwe and South Africa were once one country and our resonance with Black suffering poor South Africans places us on best footing to change the course of politics without detection.

ANC used to be our closest ally in the fight against Rhodesian Colonialism and radical PAC used to be Zanu ally. ANC has since switched sides to prop up Zanu abandoning us and in retaliation we will unleash a silent Luthuli Detachment  force against ANC as we did in Lupane in 1977 against Ian Smith. What is definitely not going to happen is to see us suffer in silence in Zimbabwe. We will make sure that our suffrage is equitably shared with the rest of the World. Our shortages will be shared with those who think they will be immune spectators of our suffrage. He who aims to help an armed thief to steal from us will discover that he actually helped an armed Mugabe to empty his pockets. Mugabe will die in a spacious Harare Mansion and Zuma in traditionally thatched Nkandla but Zuma is paying for Mugabe.    

Because the Current World Order no longer supplies oppressed people with arms of war to free themselves from tyranny as did Russia in 1974, we will cross the boarders and compete for jobs, women and space in South Africa and the World until countries realise the need to help us. At the end of our actions, there will be more of our children born in Magedleihlekisa Zuma's country and will be counted in millions. Already there have been 900 000 children born in South Africa with a Zimbabwean parent since 1983. These children now have their own children and they can't be called South Africans nor can they be called Zimbabweans. They are our new and innovative weapon against dire poverty in Zimbabwe at the same time they will complicate future anti-Zimbabwean immigrant talk by South African Government.

In just seven more years, there will be a total of nine million Zimbabweans in South Africa alone.  Magedleihlekisa Zuma's shot lived trick will backfire. He won't deport Zimbabwean children born and lived in South Africa for 30 years. He will just have to budget South African money equitably to cover our children born in his country until he is poor enough to stop beefing Mugabe.

If Magedleihlekisa Zuma had any brain on his head, he would have ceased an opportunity to oust Mugabe by demanding a free and fair election in 2013. He chose to stand by a thief aiming to gain but Zuma is too shot of mathematical skill to calculate the long term effect of robbing democracy in Zimbabwe.

The ANC needs to sit down and think again if they are really gaining in all this. Having lived in South Africa for 11 years from 1989 to 2000, I know that Zimbabwean children make a third of the population in Johannesburg. This is not what we chose to do but a spontaneous response to unbearable and deliberately caused human suffrage.

At the end of the day, we will not attempt to fight an armed Mugabe with stones and sticks, we will be the new Magedleihlekisa's in South Africa. If we empty the ANC's economic strength which is used against our freedom, we will produce same results as seeking arms of war against Mugabe.

I edge my fellow Zimbabweans to leave Zimbabwe in millions and take with them their wombs and testicles to South Africa and pay a resounding revenge to Zuma until the ANC is poor to prop Dictator Mugabe. The more Children we make in South Africa, the louder we send the message to the ANC Government to stop endorsing a ruthless old thief in the name of comradeship.

Change tactic and fight a sweet war which costs no drop of blood. Fight the enemy's friend and empty his coffers so that our armed enemy may be suffocated. Get six million Zimbabweans into South Africa in six months. Eat from Zuma's plate and marry his own kids and create more unsolvable Zimbabweans in his own household.

Take jobs without remorse and eat the best meal in Zuma's country and get him to eat the crumbs. Use your advanced mind power and keep him believing that he is the greatest by virtue of being South African. Speak his language better and know his history and politics better. Take jobs in Government and strategic areas and remember you are fighting a unique innovative liberation struggle. Pretend to be foolish and publicly acknowledge to be inferior but privately use the opportunity to make mega money.  Get Zuma's ANC to the point of realising the need to fight Zanu. Press the ANC to the level of collapse and in three years' time, if the war has been fought well, Armed ANC will reign on lesser armed Zanu PF. Get your saboteur to fight your enemy and get your freedom without any loss of precious life.

The World has left us vulnerable under Mugabe for too long. Refuse to be starved.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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