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Zim could have been Singapore or South Korea of Africa

by Stephen Jakes
12 May 2017 at 15:20hrs | Views
A researcher of Africa at Tokyo, Ken Yamatomo  has said if Zimbabwe had proper leaders it could be the Singapore or South Korea of Africa by now as the abundance of mineral resources could have lifted the nation to that level 37 years after independence.

"We can still shape a better future. If Zimbabwe's economy had decent stewards with a modicum of vision, Zimbabwe's economy would have been the third largest economy in Africa or better, because it had a good head start. It could easily have been the Singapore or South Korea of Africa," Yamatomo said.

He said President Robert Mugabe and his mafia should have incubated and nurtured supported and help fund, right from 1980, many competent business entrepreneurs to set up businesses that would have developed strength at home and rapidly grown into the southern and eastern African region.

"If this had happened, Zimbabwe would today have been a $100bn economy at the very least and instead of it's citizens flowing in all directions running away from home, Zimbabwe would have been a magnet of immigrants dashing into the small country for opportunities, " he said.

Source - Byo24News