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White farmers divide ZANU PF Youths

by Mandla Ndlovu
17 Apr 2019 at 16:49hrs | Views
The announcement by the government that it will compensate white commercial farmers has created a sharp division of opinions from the ZANU PF Youth League.

Secretary for Youth Lewis Matutu who survived a Vote Of No Confidence said as the Youth League they support the decision to compensate white farmers. His statements are in sharp contrast to views shared by Commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu.

"The ZANU PF youth league appreciates government foreign policy of engagement and re-engagement, we applaud the position taken by President Mnangagwa to respect the Zimbabwean constitution and rule of law," Matutu said.

He added that "Former white commercial farmers must be compensated on the developments made on our land whenever government gets required resources. As clearly stipulated by the President, no compensation must be done on the land itself because it is rightfully ours.

"individual opinion mustn't supersede government policy and as the youth league we understand the importance of certain decisions, this is the official position of the league as clearly stipulated by the leadership of the party and anything contrary becomes insubordination."

Tsenengamu recently told the Media that compensation of white farmers is not a priority and the constitutional provision mandating government to do that must be amended.

"Compensation for land developments or infrastructural development is not a priority for Zimbabweans. The Constitution demands compensation for the above and what we are proposing is an amendment to that clause, as the clause is an insult to our fallen heroes who paid for this land through their blood, sweat and tears,"

"We are the victims and must be the ones to be compensated, instead of directing the scarce resource towards looters, robbers and enslavers. Instead, let's direct that money towards the resuscitation of local industries."

Source - Byo24News