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Automatic sliding doors reduce costs in air conditioned buildings

by Agencies
01 Mar 2018 at 20:24hrs | Views
Automated sliding doors are not only a cost effective way of managing people's entry into and exit from frequently visited business premises but also reduce electricity costs in air conditioned buildings, according to a local engineering company.

Tinarwo Chiremba, who is general manager of Safeguard Engineering, which is part of the Safeguard Security Group, says the savings are achieved because the doors close automatically whenever someone has passed through them, helping to avoid constant fluctuations in temperature.
"Automatic sliding doors are not only convenient but can reduce the cost of electricity in air conditioned buildings, as the doors close automatically after someone has gone through them, facilitating temperature control within the building," he said.

Safeguard Engineering has for some years been installing Frost International sliding doors in buildings in Zimbabwe. It also, through Frost International, installs a range of world class revolving doors, some of which can accommodate trolleys and stretchers, making them ideal for shopping malls and hospitals.

Frost International is a South African company that has developed and manufactures its own high quality automatic sliding doors. It has installed more than 2 500 automatic sliding doors since it began manufacturing them in 2004.

 The doors, which meet international standards, are available in single, bi-parting or telescopic designs. The door opening and closing speeds can be adjusted to meet user requirements.

"Frost International is renowned for its wide range of high quality, practical, efficient and aesthetically pleasing sliding and revolving doors, which are suitable for any entrance," Mr Chiremba said.

He said the sliding and revolving doors are ideal for buildings which have a large volume of human traffic, such as hospitals, shopping centres, airports, hotels, offices, schools, universities and many other premises.

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