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Evan Mawarire a 'mere social media sensation'--Joice Mujuru

by Alice Dube
14 Mar 2017 at 07:15hrs | Views
Veteran politician Joice Mujuru has described Pastor Evan Mawarire, who sparked a protest movement against the government of longtime dictator President Robert Mugabe called #ThisFlag as a mere social media sensation and not known politically.

According to a Newsweek report, Mujuru said it be difficult for Mawarire "to make any impact in the election without a political party behind him".

"Mawarire's network is not all over the country. He is just capturing those who are on social media, and that's not the rest of Zimbabwe."

She added "I've no problem. He's a democrat, we are all working for the same results, so he's part of the group. He's part of us."

Mawarire has indicated that he might stand in the 2018 general election.

"If the need arises or if it becomes necessary for me to participate in the elections I really want to be available for that," he told reporters in February.

"I believe it is my duty as a citizen to serve my nation in that way … I have not made that decision as yet but certainly I do not want that door to be closed."

Mawarire, unexpectedly, inspired thousands when he posted a video with the hashtag, #ThisFlag, in April, 2016.

The viral clip of him lamenting against the country's moribund economy, corruption and human rights abuses, led to several anti-government protests and large-scale strike actions that paralyzed cities around the country.

"When I look at the flag it's not a reminder of my pride and inspiration, it feels as if I just want to belong to another country" he said in the video, with a Zimbabwean flag draped on his shoulders.

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