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Harare prophet predicts plane crash

by Staff reporter
01 May 2013 at 06:29hrs | Views
A self-proclaimed prophet has predicted that there shall be a fatal crash of an aeroplane which will result in the loss of all lives aboard.

Prophet Erasmus Joseph who is the founder of Word Embassy claims that he received a word from God that all people will perish in a plane coming from Central Africa towards Southern Africa.

"Last service God told me that there is going to be a plane crash in Southern Africa. I saw the plane coming from the Central African region going to Southern Africa. I don't have a specific date when it is happening but God told me that this shall happen at such a time when people are not even expecting it.

"But I am still asking God to show me the exact date when this will take place and the exact country so that the African country may be warned," said Prophet Erasmus.

The controversial prophet once grabbed headlines when he challenged Men of God who have churches in Highfield, Harare to come for a public demonstration of power - the Makandiwa-style.

However, Prophet Erasmus' prophetic utterances were condemned by Pastor Paul Zitora of Word in You Ministries who said Prophet Erasmus' claims his strategy of seeking fame.

"It is very unfortunate that we now have a lot of people who are using the name of God to be popular. The role of the prophet is not to put fear in people, it is quite obvious that sooner of later a plane crash will happen in Southern Africa.

It may happen a day from now or fifty years from now, so for someone to claim that he has a word from God over something that will happen in a life time is just a way of seeking popularity," said Pastor Tizora.

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