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Politics of victimisation will destroy Zanu-PF

20 Sep 2017 at 09:26hrs | Views
After NPC and his team were declared innocent at a rally and not by the party nine provinces were plunged into great uncertainty. Victimisation of those perceived to have been instrumental to a crusade against the NPC has started. This strategy will be self destructive and surely soiling the legacy of HIS Excellence the president. It will be undoing the gains of independence. The freedom which was watered by the blood of our fathers will be uprooted and exposed to the heat of pride and prejudice.

The gossip by the youth that those not attending interface will be removed from standing in primaries is clear sign of overzealousness and political victimisation.

It is a shame to see a party with so many challenges and yet such great potential to transform itself stuck in the self-destructive politics that have held back progress for decades. The use of the political process to damage political enemies in primary elections is a sideshow to the Party imposing candidates on constituencies to reward friends and punish enemies.

The opposition has grabbed a chance and used the policy an enemy of your enemy is your friend. In this case the opposition is befriending the seemingly powerful team to bring down those who are popular.

The congesting of candidates in primary elections is a reminder of how our fragmented political process fosters political infighting at the expense of the public good and the integrity of the party.

Those candidates who have defeated Opposition soundly in elections are being sidelined because they are being perceived to be Lacoste or the G40. The candidates won in Democratic primaries for the position they hold today (and which the system is determined to undermine. If bitterness is allowed to rule the party will be humiliating itself and we will see more independent candidates than people's choices. This will be feeding the opposition at the expense of the party.
If Zanu-PF does not bury its hatchets and become a strong united force then God have mercy on the revolution.

Since Some people in the party have had their suspensions uplifted and back to work as potential candidates they are using what powers they have  at their disposal in an attempt to hamstring their perceived rivals. This has created more confusion and if not handled with care will destroy the party.

The behaviour of the temporal victors does not reflect a sincere desire to save the party.

This is simply a petty attempt by disgruntled losers who have been lifted up to punish political rivals and diminish their effectiveness.
The politics of victimisation is counter productive and the enemy of the party. This will destroy the party from within and personal vendettas must never be allowed to control the campaign process.

All along the party is becoming its own enemy and indeed the opposition looks on and Magaisa goes to have tea with the enemy of his enemy who is his friend.

Most people came back after Their perceived enemies in the bitter process, and ignoring the will of the people. We are to see another Norton if Sanity is ignored. As the Election command is reported, those chairing the committee must not amended the system to consolidate their power. This will be a disastrous move. that will be in the party and will be a greater oversight ever. We believe, along with The masses that this will be an illegal attempt to eliminate through the election process – and may result in the party losing elections to the enemy.

If the other sidelined react That would bring yet more discord and dysfunction to a party that needs so badly to reinvent itself and bring meaningful change to our policies and governance.

A section of the party is claiming they are trying to "rein in" the wayward an image of a human harnessing and directing the power of an unruly animal. Nothing of the sort is happening here. These are revenge tactics that a feckless loser is wreaking on a winner who is one of the few elected officials. in The party bringing innovation and advancing progressive policies. Thus far, this loser is getting most of his colleagues on the primary election list decampaigning  others in the process destroying and slowing down more successful rivals perhaps to their personal satisfaction, but to the distraction and detriment of this revolutionary party.

Because some were nearly toppled and survived we believe, they are back with vengeance covered in bitterness. They are threatening  and punishing others for being forward-thinking.
Trying to remove candidates and attempt to harm public officials with a record of turning around a dysfunctional patronage constituency into a well-managed asset is an affront to the voters who reelected Them overwhelming margin.

Imposing friends is a recipe for disaster.

Zanu-PF must come out as a united front and further the wishes of our freedom. If pride and boastful bitterness is allowed to lead our campaign then we are dead.  People must listen to the voice of reason.

ZANU IS PEOPLE and never individuals.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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