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Egodini mall contact centre finally launched

by Staff writer
12 Oct 2018 at 19:44hrs | Views
The Egodini Mall Contact Centre for the long awaited multi-million dollar Egodini re-development project has been finally commissioned today on the 12th of October 2018.

Speaking during the event, Honourable Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Hon J Ncube expressed her excitement on the progress of the City of Bulawayo's massive development project.

"We are pleased of the commissioning 2 of the contact centre which marks the beginning of construction for the Egodini mall. The development of the Egodini mall is in line with the country's business mantra that "Zimbabwe is open for business", Ncube said.

The Mayor of the City of Bulawayo Cllr Solomon Mguni concurred with the minister by applauding the progress that is taking place at the Egodini.

"The City of Bulawayo is proud of this double-pronged initiative that seeks to renew the city and change the face of Bulawayo. Today we are at this centre to mark the beginning of the project. The Egodini mall is a game changer in all aspects and Bulawayo will never be the same again".

Mguni highlighted that the development in the city of Bulawayo is guided by the master plan and covers a number of thematic areas namely two which are public transport and urban renewal.

"We envision the existing site to transform to a modern, orderly, safe and convenient intermodal public transport hub combined with a retail shopping mall that collectively will provide public transport users and other visitors to Egodini with a single and fully integrated public transport, retail, commercial and entertainment experience", the Mayor said.

"We expect the Egodini redevelopment to speak to the local economy as it will assist the construction sector and spill off industries. The jobs to be developed through this centre are not necessarily casual labour but jobs in major industries that supply material such as steel, cement, bricks and other construction related material."

He added that the project opens up doors for local economic development and indicate the City of Bulawayo's commitment to excellence in local governance.

The Minister alluded that she holds this project in esteem as it speaks to redevelopment of shared infrastructure. This mall, once completed will comprise of various businesses and sites affording the people of Bulawayo a unique shopping experience.

She added that it is also pleasing that this project is being done in the older parts of the city which is in line with government's policy for urban renewal.

"Urban renewal is being championed at ministerial level and I applaud the city for adopting this vision and ensuring that we change the face of Bulawayo. The vision for urban renewal in -Bulawayo is from Lobengula Street going westwards covering areas such as Makokoba. We envision a 21st century city which will see a revamping of Bulawayo and our historic sites from Lobengula Street", the Minister said.

The Egodini mall development was from a deliberate initiative by Bulawayo City Council guided by existing statutory plans. The city in 2012 advertised through an open tender for an expression of interest for the development of Egodini and a number of companies applied. Thorough due diligence was done where Bulawayo City Council looked for an organisation that had a similar vision. What Terracotta private limited submitted came top and Bulawayo city council settled with this developer.

Thereafter protracted negotiations followed as properties around Egodini were privately owned and Bulawayo City Council and the company also had to find each other. The process also involved the compensation of property owners and all properties were acquired. The site was handed over and technical works commenced up to this stage where we are now.

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