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Stanbic Bank wants cash to be confiscated from Osiphatheleni

by Stephen Jakes
30 Jun 2017 at 19:55hrs | Views
Private sector workers who are getting paid through the Stanbic Bank have accused the bank of discriminating its clients by offering preferential services to civil servants who are allowed to withdrew as much as they can per day while the rest of the clients who use the bank in receiving their pay are only given $50 per day.

The accusations come in the backdrop of serious cash shortages in the banks which has seen people sleeping in queues to try and access their money the following day especially during month ends.

Private sector workers said the Stanbic was behaving in a manner that shows that they do not value all other workers and clients but only value civil servants as if the civil servants are not working for their families like the rest of the workers.

"It is unfair and intolerant for the bank to discriminate its clients," said one client standing on a queue in Bulawayo. "The civil servants are given their money  as they want but the rest of the clients and private sector workers are only allowed to take $50 per day from the ATM. What is that nonsense. It is as if we from the private sector eat from the civil servants. We also want our money we take care for our families we do not get anything from these civil servants. I think this must be voice as it shows that the bank does not respect other clients but only the civil servants."

The workers said in the first place it is foolish for the bank to be keeping people in queues for the rest of the week instead of allowing someone to take his money at once and go.

"If i am paid $200 from my work place, why am i made to queue at this bank for four days yet when i am given my money at once i will go and only return next month end," said another client. " Its simple for someone thinking but it appears they love seeing people in these long queue.," said the client.

Another client said it was sad that while the banks were struggling to copy with the queues Osiphatheeni are seen holding wads of hundred United States dollars on the streets illegally dealing on them and not being arrested which meas that the illegal foreign currency exchange is run by people in government.

"Why are the police not arresting these illegal dealers if its true that they are dealing illegal and confiscate all the cash to put it in the backs so that the workers who work for the development of the nation get their paid and gets motivated?" said another client.

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