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Traditional healer sells Mubobobo for 'raping any woman'

by B-Metro
16 Apr 2012 at 05:10hrs | Views
A Bulawayo  traditional healer has opened a mubobobo outlet  at the Centenary Park, where he is alleged to be selling his juju to multitudes of men.

The man, identified as Mutambara, is alleged to be making a killing by selling mubobobo to different people in Bulawayo who are interested in having supernatural powers to sleep with any woman at will.

Sources who are also clients to Mutambara said multitudes of men had been spotted consulting on how best they could be  equipped with the supermarket powers.

"We have seen seen the big guns from Bulawayo and other cities coming to centenary Park to consult on how they get mubobobo. This rush is being caused by Mutambara's prizes that are low when comparing with other mubobobo dealers in the city," said the source.

It is reported that Mutambara is charging US$2 for his services, as he is mainly concerned about having a drink and a smoke everyday.

"Mutambara has so far has been targeting male street kids who reside at the Centenary Park and most of them have been supernaturally empowered on credit and they pay later," said the source.

It is reported that for then process to be sucessfu;l one has to buy a new white bucket, white cloth and some razor blades.
"Some guys who have gone through the process told nme that one has to spend the whole day stri[pped facing the east after having used the bucket, cloth and razxor blades. I have witnessed one of Mutambara's clients attacking a lady who was sleeping in the park and I discovered that his juju was powerful as soon after the attack the lady fell asleep," said the source.

The source alleged that Mutambara has been operating from the Centenary park since 2011. When we visited Mutambara at his Centenary Park base, he said he was a traditionalist who was selling herbs to those who were in need of them but refused to comment on how they function in a human body.

"I am just like any other traditional healer who helpds people and that is what I am doing here," he said.

Source - B-Metro