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The Gukurahundi victims demand apology and compensation

by L Dube
19 Dec 2018 at 12:27hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

As we commemorate the Matebeleland and Midlands massacres conservatively put at over 20,000  civilians on 22 December our demands for a justice cannot be ignored. The senseless killing of civilians in an attempt to create a one party state and which has all the hallmarks of genocide will not be forgotten. So many children could not attend school when their bread winners were killed for nothing but their political affiliation. There is therefore a need for the community to set up a database of all the victims so that a process to demand full acknowledgement and compensation is initiated. The instigators and perpetrators of this gruesome crime against humanity must also have their day in court. They must explain why pregnant women were ripped open and who gave such satanic orders and why. This issue will not go away no matter the threats and the intimidation, the resolve of the victims is strong and their unyielding determination to see just must not be taken for granted.

One Charumbira has claimed to have answers to the issues affecting the victims. For a start his so-called chieftainship cannot extend to Matabeleland as such chicanery dilutes the essence of our culture. In other words he is only qualified to handle issues affecting his subjects as he is not recognized as a Chief in Matabeleland. He has no basis therefore to communicate on such issues. When we approach our ancestors, he is a nobody and he must therefore keep away from Mthwakazi issues.

The people of Matabeleland and the Midlands who suffered for nothing must never be hoodwinked. Our calls for justice and truth must not be drowned by the noises of those constipated with power and fame. We owe it to those brave departed to seek justice until we find closure. We must therefore unite in our quest for truth. It is truly surprising that the death of six civilians (truly unfortunate) done over seven hours will overshadow the death of 20, 000 civilians ruthlessly carried out over seven years. If there is anyone who has misled the Government into thinking that the Gukurahundi issue will disappear that person is day-dreaming.

The day 22 December is the day of mourning and remembrance of those innocent souls that perished. We will demand truth and justice until they are delivered.

Yours Faithfully,
L Dube

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Source - L Dube
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